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Alicia Ageno

Alicia Ageno is an FIB teacher and researcher who also takes part in professional yacht races and competitions internationally.

At a very young age, Alicia already loved mathematics. She knew she wanted to pursue a technical career, and realized that informatics was the engineering field that best applied math.
While she was in her last year of college a teacher at LSI in UPC offered her a PhD position in the department, where she already worked as a researcher. She is now a doctor in Informatics and focuses her research on natural language processing. Furthermore, she teaches at FIB.
Alicia’s biggest passion is navigation. She has navigated since she was a little girl, and nowadays she combines her work at FIB with high level yacht races and cruises. Alicia is a navigator. A navigator is the person in charge of collecting and processing all the information recieved from sensors on board. She has been able to combine her studies with her passion, and she is now one of the very few women in the world of high level navigation. She has been able to achieve all this thanks to her specialization in Informatics.
Nowadays, all vessels that enter yacht races have an information system on board, and Alicia has taken this as a chance to apply informatics to her biggest hobby.

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