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Andrés Bou and Horacio Martos

Andrés and Horacio are two young entrepreneurs who graduated from FIB in 2009. They are currently CEOs for their company Social Point, dedicated to develop videogames for Facebook. The FIB alumni association Cercle Fiber has given them a mention for their work as entrepreneurs.

While they were still studying at FIB, Andrés and Horacio left on exchange to obtain a double diploma in a French business school. Around that time Facebook had just appeared, and they saw the opportunities behind combining their knowledge in Informatics with what they had learnt in business school to start a new company dedicated to create videogames for the social network. This is how they came up with Social Point, one of the leading companies that develop videogames for social networks such as Facebook.
Horacio had access to computers since he was a little boy, and when he was in high school he saw the opportunities that a world in expansion like Informatics had to offer. He saw it would lead to a good job and would let him develop his creativity. Andrés also had access to computers from a very young age, and felt fascinated by the internet. They both discovered that FIB provided them with a start to a challenging career. Furthermore, they combined their studies with several jobs both inside and outside the university to apply everything they learnt.
Andrés and Horacio are now CEOs for their company, Social Point. They have already published more than 20 games on Facebook, with more than 15 million users all over the world. They have even reached 14th place in the Appdata ranking for worldwide Facebook developers. Their first game, Publistars, won the Facebook Spanish Application Contest and their latest game, Social Empires, maintains a score of 4.9 over 5 on the social network. The company currently employs 13 professionals, 7 of which are FIB graduates. The FIB alumni association Cercle Fiber decided to recognize their hard work on the 19th of May with a mention to their enterprising spirit.

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