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Ariadna Bartra

Ariadna is an Informatics Engineer graduated from FIB. She recently won the second prize in the Futura Dona Tech contest.

Since she was a little girl, Ariadna has loved technology and computers. In 2001 she enrolled in FIB, and has great memories of those years. Even though the first semesters were hard, she says FIB gave her great academic knowledge. Nevertheless, she states that her best memory involves her classmates, with whom she still hangs out today.
While she was studying at FIB, Ariadna joined the Fòrum TI, an association that organizes an annual fair to connect companies and students. She was in charge of the association’s magazine design. Furthermore, Ariadna discovered she liked Software Engineering and focused her final thesis in this subject. After graduating from FIB, she enrolled in a master’s program related to Biomedical Engineering. She was able to apply her knowledge to biomedicine and work in multidisciplinary groups. She also discovered the many ways in which technology can help health to diagnose, recover and supply lost functionalities.
Since 2008, Ariadna works at Ficosa, a Catalan multinational company from the automobile industry. She works in the Somnoalert project as a researcher, working on detecting sleepiness in drivers based on their behavior. Furthermore, she has now started her PhD, centered on her work at Ficosa.
Ariadna applied for the Futura Dona Tech contest because a member of her family insisted enormously. She was very surprised both when she passed the first stage and when she was announced in second place. The Futura Dona Tech contest aims to recognize the work of young female engineers who want to keep learning in the technical field. Receiving the prize has been very positive for Ariadna. She now feels motivated to continue pursuing a better professional career and the prize will help her enroll in a master’s program in UPC School centered in Informatics Project Management.

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