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Artificial Intelligence is more than you think

Artificial Intelligence is a very useful tool to help people

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most promising fields within computer science. Modern movies have forged our image of AI as humanoid robots who take over the world. In real life, AI is a powerful tool that helps people.
We can find a good example in the intelligent walking assistant created by the UPC, as it combines normal functions you would find in a walking assistant with an intelligent system capable of learning from its environment. With the help of AI, this walking assistant can establish some communication with its user, react on its environment and think for itself. This is why it is capable to guide its user to a certain place or even correct the direction of movement. Furthermore, the walking assistant can obtain data from the patient and send this data to the doctor in charge, as well as regulate the intensity with which the patient has to push it in order to help with physical rehabilitation. All these functions are possible with the help of AI, which helps to configure the walking assistant according to each patient’s needs and adapt it to the environment.
Another similar example can be found in the intelligent wheelchair developed in Switzerland. The team behind this project has combined AI with a system that reads and analyzes brainwaves to produce a wheelchair that can not only be moved with a thought, but can also learn how to move correctly to stop exactly in front of a table or to approach the table with the correct angle.
AI keeps evolving every day to help people, and the FIB can give you the knowledge you need to make the world a better place.

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