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Faces of computing: cellphones

Mobile devices keep changing at a high speed, and informatics engineers from all areas of specialization work as a team to make it possible.

Nowadays, cell phones are not only phones anymore. Most people cannot remember how three years ago a phone would only receive calls and send messages. Now we are used to use it to navigate around the web and play videogames.
Did you know that in some countries you can use your cell phone as a train pass, to watch TV or even to pay for a drink from a vending machine? This is all possible thanks to the work from a large group of people, some of them informatics engineers. Take computer engineering experts, for example: they work on creating new chips that are smaller and more autonomous, so that our phones become lighter and their batteries last longer. Computing experts create compression algorithms to make data transmission easier, since the applications we use on our cell phones today are very complex and require large bulks of data going up and down. Information systems experts identify the opportunities for business that the new technologies offer, and information technologies experts make sure both hardware and software for the device are up-to-date.
Like this, once more a large team of informatics engineers from several areas of specialization comes together for a common purpose, in this case to make mobile devices that are small, light and useful in many ways and make our lives easier.

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