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Faces of computing: internet search engines

When they first appeared, search engines were a revolution in internet navigation, but nowadays we ask them for a lot more. Informatics Engineers from different areas of specialization contribute to improve these sites.

Nowadays, we can’t imagine how navigation through the web would be without search engines, but as time goes by we want more and more from the platforms we use. These sites have to keep up and change to meet our expectations. Maybe in a few years search engines will be able to identify objects inside images, search for sounds or even find out what movie that scene we’re thinking about is from. Information keeps evolving into different formats, and these formats become gradually more difficult to analyze. Informatics Engineers are in charge of adapting search engines to help them meet the user’s needs.
When talking about search engines, we can see how Informatics Engineers from different areas of specialization work as a team. Computing experts work on finding new and innovative methods to make search possible. Software engineering experts create the software in charge of finding results. Information systems experts can work on how advertisings are organized depending on the user’s profile. Computer engineering experts contribute with web and server designs that can support large bulks of data, and Information Technologies experts administer the computing infrastructure that stores all the data and provides the right information to users in a fast and agile manner.
Internet search engines have to evolve at a very fast pace, and this has to be done by Informatics Engineers from several areas of specialization.

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