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The Generic Competences

Nowadays, the world is changing constantly, and this fact affects universities. Some studies have proved that having a university degree is not enough for a graduate to find a job anymore, because companies want to know a lot more about their candidates. This is why, within the new EHEA framework, the idea of "Generic Competences" has appeared.

Until a few years ago, when a student graduated he received a degree certificate, and was able to look for a job with it. Nevertheless, recent studies have demonstrated that companies take in mind not only the student’s qualifications but also his abilities when hiring. The word “competences” takes in many concepts, from punctuality and motivation to working in a group or being enterprising. There are many skills that can be important from the company’s point of view. This is the reason why development and evaluation of competences has been introduced into the new Informatics Engineering Degree curriculum. The competences assure that all students that graduate are capable of being enterprising, taking sustainability in mind when they work, understanding and speaking English, communicating efficiently, working in a team, using information resources in an efficient way, learning on their own, having a good attitude towards their work and thinking properly.

In order to carry out competence development, the nine competences have been distributed throughout the subjects in the curriculum. Each subject is responsible about developing and evaluating a competence in a certain level of difficulty. This level increases as the student moves forward in the curriculum, and if by the time he graduated he has achieved these competences he will be able to demonstrate his skills along with his academic calcifications.

For example, the second year Computer Architecture subject has been assigned with sustainability. To develop this competence, students study costs, component recycling, energy consumption and amortization when studying different computer architectures. This has been done by adding problems related to sustainability in the subject’s problem collection. Other subjects have asked students to write a little research project to develop solvent use of information sources or study from English materials to develop technical English language comprehension.

When a student graduated, he will receive a certificate with the competences he has fully developed.

The Informatics Engineering Degree from the FIB prepares you for a better integration in the labor market.

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