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Informatics in the world of fashion

When a company grows enough to become multinational, it needs help from computer systems to function correctly.

Few Spanish companies have grown as much as Inditex, the company behind clothes shops like Zara. Nowadays, there are Zara shops all over the world, all the way from China to the Dominican Republic. Zara is capable of assuring that any shop from its network can obtain a sold out item in 48 hours.
This fact is possible thanks to an important computer system that controls the data of all Zara shops, more than 5,000 around the world. When a shop runs out of stock of a certain item, the system is capable of checking for the item in the company’s warehouses. If it cannot find the item, it can automatically order the production of more units. This way, if the shop approves the order, in just a few hours the item is searched for, sent and, if necessary, ordered from production.
To carry out all this management, the Inditex company uses two data centers and 1,400 virtual servers all around the world. The control is carried out in the Spanish offices in La Coruña.
Computing can help a company like Inditex, who started out as a small local business, to grow without losing service quality.

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