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ICT and the travelling sector

During the graduation ceremony for those who finished their degree in 2010 Ignacio Sala, founding member of the Spanish travelling and entertainment website atrapalo.com, offered his point of view on how informatics has changed the travelling sector. Discover what he talked about.

Up until a few years ago, when you wanted to go on a trip you knew perfectly where you wanted to go, when and with whom. Nowadays, online searching websites have changed this idea completely. We can now choose our destination based on the price of the trip, we can get information on prices in a range of dates near the one we had in mind, and we decide who we want to take with us depending on what we are offered to do. Furthermore, the idea of themed trips has appeared. We are now offered a short trip to go wine tasting, a weekend to learn how to sail or a day out to the city for some shopping. It may now be more important to decide what you want to do than where you want to do it.
Before, travel agencies worked as intermediaries between the client and the destination. Nowadays, however, ICT has given the power of information to the client, and now he is part of the equation. Clients have also changed, they are now super clients: people with no complexes and very unfaithful. For this reason, the market must change and adapt itself by offering new products and bargains that take this new changing client in mind.
Furthermore, ICT has encouraged users to give their opinion. Nowadays, before buying anything we look for other user’s opinions, and trust them more than the company. This is why it is very important to notice how technologies affect our clients, and try to be as close to them as possible by using interfaces such as personal blogs and social sites. Marketing campaigns must also innovate, and search for the client’s implication and participation as a way of advertising.

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