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Irrigation control

Informatics helps farmers by creating a system capable of controlling and programming irrigation of agricultural land.

A project called Regcontrol was introduced in October last year. This project is related to controlling irrigation systems. The project was multidisciplinary, as it involved telecommunications engineers, agricultural engineers, meteorological scientists, informatics engineers and many others.
The part of the project developed at FIB consisted in an irrigation sequencing module. This module combines agricultural knowledge with meteorological data to generate irrigation schedules for plots. In other words, it decides how and when the irrigation must be done. Furthermore, it is capable of combining irrigation with fertirrigation of the land, and can be adjusted to the specific conditions of each crop.
After this module was finished, another module dedicated to hydraulic validation was developed. This module contrasts the information from the schedules with the data collected from several sensors and can detect incidences like leaks, obstructions and power cuts.
Even though there were other irrigation control systems before this one, Regcontrol is the first system to incorporate the whole process, from studying and calculating the irrigation needs to programming the irrigation process and, when done, validating the process. Informatics can create systems like this one to help farmers in their work, as they help automate irrigation and calculate efficiently the amounts of water and pest control products. Using a system with these characteristics can lead to the farmer to save up a lot of money and have healthier crops.

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