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Sanchar Shakti

The Indian government has started a new project to provide women in the agricultural world with new technologies.

Sanchar Shakti is the name given to a new project driven by the Indian government. In means “Gaining Strength” in Hindi and that is exactly its purpose: to provide women in the agricultural world with tools to improve their work through their mobile phones. It is one of the first projects in the world to incentivize mobile network operators to create content of this sort. The final goal is to provide women in self-help groups with tools and opportunities to increase their income.
Self-help groups are groups of women that appear in small villages. They save up money from their own incomes to provide other community members with small loans and investments. Self-help groups believe in sharing knowledge and joining forces. With the introduction of new technologies, these women will be able to receive on their mobile phones information related to health, education or even government decisions and share it with their community. This may be the path to implementing Information Technologies in the agricultural parts of India, as in words of the Hindu president “women represent the very pivot around which social change takes shape”.

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