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Leonor Frias

Leonor Frias is a FIB graduate who has recently finished her PhD and currently works helping with research in human genomes.

Leonor Frias is an Informatics Engineer graduated from FIB. She finished her PhD last June, and therefore became Doctor in Informatics Engineering.
Her thesis was carried out in the UPC LSI department, and was focused on improving data structures and algorithms in the STL library for C++ language. This library is a pack of operations frequently used when programming in C++, and therefore her research had a direct impact in the programmers collective. Furthermore, a part of her research was focused on the use of parallel programming for multi-core processors. In other words, she worked on ways of programming to distribute the work that has to be done between several processors and improve efficiency.
Specifically, she collaborated in a German project on parallelization of the STL currently included in the GCC compiler. During the years she has dedicated to research, she has also attended several congresses and even helped to organize some of them. Furthermore, during the year 2009 she worked for Google, after achieving a finalist position in the Anita Borg memorial scholarship.
She currently works at the Centre Nacional d’Anàlisis Genòmica in the Parc Científic de Barcelona. She is working on applying Algorithmics to bioinformatics. Specifically, she aids the reconstruction of genome chains. She has found a way to apply her Algorithmics knowledge to biology studies, and has managed to use her specialization while discovering new areas like genetics and learning new things every day.

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