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Open Data

Open Data is a new initiative taken by several public states to provide public data for free. The Barcelona City Hall has started an Open Data project to provide data about the city.

Open Data consists in laying out the data that a public state gathers such as traffic information, public equipment and facilities, maps, demographical data, etc. This kind of data is provided in easy-to-use formats, so anybody can reuse it for a computer application. Any company or even citizens can develop an application to control traffic in the city or to locate the nearest hospital. The Open Data movement provides information transparency and improves the communication between government and citizens.
There are several countries like the United States that apply Open Data policies. Their citizens have already learnt to efficiently use the data they receive, and several simple and useful examples can be found. For example, an ice-cream shop owner in Boston has installed a screen in his shop with data about the bus arrivals for the nearest bus stop. Thanks to this data, customers can enjoy an ice-cream while waiting for the bus without worrying.

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