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Pilar Conesa

Pilar Conesa is an FIB graduate who worked in the introduction of new technologies to companies and the civil service for more than 20 years and has now founded her own company.

When Pilar was young, she loved mathematics. She decided to study Informatics because she thought it was applicable to life. She was part of one of the first generations of students at FIB and combined her studies at FIB with several jobs in Informatics companies and the birth of her daughter.
She has always remained attached to FIB, and when the FIB alumni association Cercle Fiber was founded 10 years ago she became the association’s first president.
She was part of the organizing comitee for the ’92 Olympic Games and has developed responsibility roles in several companies. During the last few years, Pilar worked for the Ajuntament de Barcelona, the Barcelona City Hall. She was head for eGovernment and Information Systems, and her work consisted in applying technology to the City Hall in order to make the relation between citizens and the civil service easier. She drove several projects related to Information Technologies that aimed to improve the services given to citizens and to make the government transparent and open. Pilar also started the Barcelona Smart City project to try to make Barcelona a sustainable city with a better standard of living.
A few months ago Pilar started her own company, named anteverti. She provides companies and civil services with her experience in applying technologies to innovate and change the way things are done. She will support projects that apply technologies to both public and private companies in order to make processes and formalities easier and to improve the relations between companies and between citizens and the civil service.

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