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During the last few months we have seen app stores like the ones for iPhone and android grow enormously. Some developers have taken this as an opportunity to reach out to people with special needs.

Ablah is an iPhone app developed in Spain to help parents with children who suffer from autism. The developer is actually an autistic child’s father, and he created the app because he could not find existing systems to communicate with his son in Spanish.
The application helps a user with autism communicate with other people using images and sounds. He can create sentences using the existing image and sounds libraries as well as pictures taken with the phone or sounds recorded from his environment.
An FIB graduate started a blog dedicated to apps for autistic children. He informs parents about the options they have to help their autistic children by using mobile phones and touch-sensitive screens.
These types of apps are becoming more and more important and are starting to receive awards in recognition for their work.

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