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Supercomputing helps us forecast the future

You might have heard about supercomputing, but do you know exactly what it is used for?

The BSC, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, carries on many projects related to its areas of research: Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Computer Applications.
Projects that take place at the BSC usually need analyzing large bulks of data. This is why they use the Marenostrum supercomputer, which can be found inside a church in the North Campus area of UPC.
In the Earth Sciences area, for example, a project was carried on to create an Air Quality Forecast System. This is a system that forecasts how the air we breathe will be in the future, just like the weather man forecasts the weather for tomorrow.
The project studies the Iberian Peninsula and Europe as a whole, and forecasts information on air components concentration, like ozone or carbon dioxide. For the forecast, the system needs to analyze a large bulk of data that comes from weather stations, and therefore uses the supercomputer.
The BSC carries on similar projects, like the Mineral Dust Forecast System, useful to countries that suffer frequent sandstorms.
Check out the project’s website and discover how the air you’ll breathe will be tomorrow!

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