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Women engineers: Thais Martínez

Thais is a 5th year Informatics Engineering student with a musical career.

Thais is a student at FIB, and she is currently finishing her 5th year in Informatics Enginnering. Since she was a little girl, Thais liked computers and played around making small websites. Even though she also was interested in other more artistic areas, in the end she decided to study informatics. While studying, she discovered she likes many aspects of informatics, and has ended up taking two different specializations: on the one hand, Software engineering and information systems, and on the other, Data management and operations.
In 2006, Thais formed a band with two friends, and started to combine her studies with performances. A year later the band was dissolved, but Thais decided to continue on with her musical career on her own. Combining her studies and her singing was not easy, especially if we take in mind that she also worked as a website developer. But Thais was able to find a balance between studying and performing. In the last few years, this has implied having to stop singing for short periods or taking fewer subjects than her classmates.
Informatics has helped Thais with her passion. She has recorded many of her songs on her own computer, and has developed websites for all her bands in order to share her music with the world. She has seen that internet can be very helpful, and when she graduates she would like to find a job that involves internet, such as developing applications for mobile devices.

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