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A virtual singer

We have all heard about the changes in the musical industry, especially the ones affecting distribution. Recently, the possibility of a surprising new change has appeared that affects creation: virtual singers, also known as Vocaloids.

A few years ago, new musical software appeared on the market that not only allows the user to simulate instruments, but also human voices. In order to carry out this simulation, the developers take a large amount of samples of a real human voice and modulate them with synthesizers to create words, sentences or melodies.
In 2007, a piece of software named “Hatsune Miku” appeared in the Japanese market. It allowed the user to create melodies with a female voice. It had a favorable reception, and later on several songs created with this piece of software were released and achieved the top positions in Japanese musical sales lists. It was such a success that during the year 2009 the virtual mascot from the series had her own concerts, both inside and outside Japan. The company behind the project created an animated version of the girl that appears in the cover of the product, and projected this animation on a stage along with songs created using the Vocaloid technique.
Are you curious? Check out a sample of this futuristic concert.

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