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Nextdrop: reliable information on water availability

The application that won the GSMA mWomen BOP Apps Challenge helps families in developing countries know when they will get water.

There are many countries in the world that rely on piped water supplies. Water is only available through these pipes for a few hours at a time, and therefore the system is unreliable. Women in India waste a lot of time waiting for water to arrive.
The Nextdrop application tries to help these women. It works a little like a social network: when a user sees water come out of a pipe, he can send a notification and the system sends a notice to all the other users in the area. This system allows women to spend their time doing other things without having to wait next to the pipes. Water is distributed by sectors, and therefore it is very easy to classify users according to where they live. To encourage people to provide information, the application offers incentives in the form of micro-payments and cross-checks information with several users before sending a notice.
Furthermore, the developers have signed agreements with the company in charge of supplying water to obtain more information. With all the data, the system wants to provide the users with a water delivery schedule.
Initiatives like this one apply informatics to social problems and are worth receiving prizes like the GSMA mWomen BOP Apps Challenge.

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